Change registered email id

I am halfway through training but accidently, lost the access to my email account ( through which I have registered to this training. I am stuck in the middle of the training now. I am unable to confirm the confirmation mail sent to that email. Is there any way to change my registered email id to (
Can you please help me with this asap.


I’d suggest you to do a forget password on the email and try to get back access to that account. We shall do the shifting of account only in case there is not other way.

Please update me if you have tried every possible way to get access.

I have tried every possible way to get back the access but it didn’t work.


Put a mail from both your email IDs regarding the same. Mail it to We shall look into this.

Hi @aartibhosale006,

Apologies for the delay. We can change the registered email id to, but in that case, you will lose the progress history. It shouldn’t cause any issues as you can still start from where you left off the last time.

Let me know if you want us to proceed. We will make the changes as soon as you confirm if that is okay.

Yes, it’s okay. Thanks a lot.

Hi @aartibhosale006 We have shared access on the new email id with you.

Thank you. I received the email

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