Changing color in plant monitor system

I want to change the color of text and styling text in plant monitoring system in js how can i do it ?

for this you have to use & learn css classes
CSS classes: Define CSS classes that will be used to apply the desired color and style to the text. For example, you could create classes like .green-text, .bold-text, .italic-text, etc.

but you can also done through below steps :-
JavaScript: To apply the CSS classes dynamically using JavaScript, you’ll need to select the appropriate HTML elements and modify their class attribute. You can achieve this using the classList property and its methods such as add(), remove(), or toggle().
Here’s an example JavaScript code snippet to demonstrate the process:

// Select the text element(s) using appropriate selectors
var textElement = document.getElementById(‘yourElementId’); // Replace ‘yourElementId’ with the actual ID or selector of your text element

// Add or remove CSS classes based on your requirements

By executing the JavaScript code, the selected text element will have the desired color and styling applied to it.

Remember to replace ‘yourElementId’ with the actual ID or selector of the text element you want to modify.

This approach allows you to change the color and style of text dynamically in your plant monitoring system using JavaScript and CSS.

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