Changing resistance value

In LDR, how to change 10k to 330ohms

@soups2012 check on the colour of resistor …
A sequence of different colour represent different set of resistance…
Refer to this link to get into it…
Tell me is matter is solved or not

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Value x Multiplier = Resistance
3.3 x 100 = 330Ω
As an example of this rule of thumb is, consider this arrangment of resistors:
To analyze it, take the two 10k’s in parallel first – they combine to make a 5k. Now you’ve got two 5k’s in parallel, for a total of 2.5k ohms. Simple!

Here’s another example, which makes the rule of thumb seem even more clever:
Instead of reaching for your calculator, think of the 5k as two 10k’s in parallel. Now you’ve got three 10k’s in parallel, for a total of 3.3k.

Refer to this link for better understanding:

I hope your problem will be solved.

it’s pretty easy to change 10k to 330 ohms.

10k ohms color code is brown-black-orange-gold (biscuit color resistor)

330 ohms color code is orange- orange-brown gold (blue color resistor)

the LDR & 330 ohm should not touch each other.

firstly, connect LDR between 3.3 & A0 pin
next, connect 330 ohms resistor between A0 & ground

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