Changing the hotspot

How can i change the bolt device connected to a hotspot to another hotspot?

You just follow the same steps as you have followed earlier for connection to connect with new hotspot but by switching off the hotspot which you have connected earlier ,bolt will connect to your new hotspot ,you just have to try for two or three times it will be connected.

First you have to disconnect the current hotspot, so your device will no longer be connected to cloud. Then you will have to follow the same process of adding device and choose the another hotspot from the list of wifis, and use it to connect bolt device to bolt cloud.
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if you want to change the hotspot.
1: First connect your mobile wifi with bolt hotspot.
2:Open the bolt app click add devices follow the steps in app.
3.step of adding network click on add hotspot and add the name and password of new hotspot and complete the remaining steps and open the new hotspot and bolt will connect automatically.

@suryaanirudh2611, Kindly go through the following documentation. You may find your answers

You can switch to another hotspot in simple steps. Firstly open bolt app in your device, click on ‘add device’ and click on ‘ready’. Then select ‘open wifi settings’ and choose desirable hotspot. Enter password if required.