Changing title in project

How do i change title of plant monitoring system to light monitoring system ?

I think you can’t change the product name. You may have to delete and create new one.

There is an option available which says ‘edit product info’. Though it is not allowing me to change the product name, but you can try it once.

Hi @pragyarawal482,

A new product [ Project ] can be created and can be given a suitable name and other configurations of Devices and Serial communication and once this is done we can use link icon to link the product to the respective bolt devices.

The name of the product that is already created cannot be changed.

In such cases, it may be necessary to delete the existing product and create a new one with the desired name.

You can’t change the name of product which you have already given. In such case, Go to products then click on (+add products). Now you can create a product by keeping a suitable name to it whatever you are thinking. And set all other configurations. Then we can link the named product to our bolt device.

Both titles are completely different hence title cannot be changed.