Changing WiFi password problem

Hello there, I am facing issue while connecting to another WiFi. I recently changed my WiFi operator. But when I am trying to connect the WiFi to Bolt its showing the error. The green light is not blinking and only blue light is blinking only slowly. And my firmware version of bolt device is 1.3 I want to update it but it is saying that device is disconnected. I want to connect it but its showing error. Please help me because I want to continue my course.

Hello @aryansrivastava1309 . To solve your issue, go to and check to see if your device is listed or not. Then, when you find it click on the three vertical dots to the right end and click on device info.Here you can disconnect from your previous wifi router and also update the firmware.
Hope it helps!

Hi @aryansrivastava1309,

You don’t need to unlink your device from Bolt Cloud. Open Bolt IoT setup and click on Add device and follow the setup process again to link your device to your new network.

Check this video

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

my bolt does not support disconnect command That’s the problem.

I had done this step around 10 to 15 times but it is not working. And I had followed all instructions that you instructed to joydeepseal323 But still its not connecting. Please reply ASAP .

I also faced the same problem because the wifi operator was changed. So, I use same username and password of previous one to set the password and username of new one . After setting same username and password bolt gets connected to wifi as the device stores the previous ones details.Hope this will help you.

Hey , I also was having the same Problem. Tried Your way and it Worked. Thanks