Channel frequency and clock speed of BOLT

Hi forum,

I am working on some project with BOLT and got stuck somewhere.

If anyone can answer the following question then I may resolve my problem.

How does the channel frequency of BOLT (i.e.2,4 GHz) and clock speed of BOLT (i.e.80 MHz for its ESP8266 and 8 MHz for its ATMEGA 328 chip) helps in pushing the data to the BOLT cloud?

Moreover, it will be more resourceful if , one can answer - why only these numbers of channel frequency and clock speeds are selected for BOLT in its processing?

As the channel frequency increases the speed also increases.Thus more the channel frequency ,more faster the data gets pushed to the cloud. As we know as clock speed increases, the number of processes it can handle increases, but the heat generated also increases. Thus for the perfect balance between the speed and heat generated, certain clock speed frequencies are selected.