Chart libraries in the bolt cloud and python communication with js code

1)What chart libraries and graph types are supported in the bolt cloud?
2)does the js/html file uploaded in the bolt cloud run on a server 24/7? If no,is there a way to use python as the backend instead and have communication between python and javascript code

@deepa90prasad 1. Bolt Cloud uses Google Chart libraries to visualize the data.
Go to the link and then in the Data Visualization Column, you will find a list of supported graphs in the bolt cloud.

  1. Yes, JS/HTML file uploaded in the Bolt Cloud run on a 24/7 server.
    or you can use ubuntu servers to have communication between python and javascript.

are there any other chart libraries that bolt cloud support and how exactly can i use servers to communicate between python and js. i want to modify a variable with python and js

you can use "setChartLibrary(“google-chart”); " code to set chat library.
and use line , bar , scatter , area , and gauge graphs using “setChartType(“lineGraph”);” this code.

Hi @deepa90prasad,

Bolt Cloud provides google graph for quick demo for your project. Bolt Cloud provides Bolt Cloud API and using API you can fetch the data on your server on can use any graph library or tool. Here I am using chart.js for plotting the graph.

You can also request a new feature from here

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.