Checking accurate readings?

Hello All!!

Does anyone know how to find whether the readings collected by the light senor is an ACCURATE reading.

As when i am trying to get readings when the room is pitch black it shows a minimum reading of 38 and for average readings whose values are in range of 300 to 600. but in order to get these readings i have to keep light sensor very very close to that illuminating object.

Solving this would be a great help!
Thank you All!!

For the connection 3v3-LDR-A0-R1-Gnd, the voltage division gives the expression V(A0)=(3.3)*R1/(R1+R(ldr)).
For you to get such low values implies you are using a low value resistor. If you are using a 330 ohm resistor, try replacing it with a 1k resistor.

Hello rockymad4,

To know whether the readings collected by light sensor is an accurate reading, i suggest you use a digital multimeter.
A digital multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument which can measure voltage, current and resistance with accuracy.
You could use a digital mutltimeter and connect it to the leads of the light sensor and subject it to the same light as you were doing before and check the readings.

The following link shows you how to troubleshoot your sensor using a multimeter:

Maybe the LDR is faulty, or the resistance is too low.

Thank you very much both above answers will help me troubleshoot my problem!