Checking device status

Hello! I’m facing problem with checking the bolt device status on ubuntu when i write the code in python. The device id and API key are correct. I’m still unable to get the device status as ‘online’. Please help me with this. I need it for my college project.

Dear @bushrabaseer1299

Have you installed the bolt python library on your ubuntu machine/server ?

If not please install try once
Try to install boltiot library for python by below command
sudo pip3 install boltiot

Did that. I’m getting something like this.

Dear @bushrabaseer1299

As per my understanding, system is trying to change the file which is not having other user as a owner.

Please type below command first
sudo su
it will ask for system password
and then
sudo pip3 install boltiot

It worked!!!


Please make sure your device is powered on and is connected to cloud (Green LED bust be stable).

Can you please share the output of the get device status command? If possible share the code as well. Make sure your device ID and API KEY is not visible in the code that you will be sharing.

hello friend
I saw your suggestion after I was typing sudo pip3 install boltiot it’s not working in my VM ware workstation.

I want to know if was install some other application in my pc
please suggest
I am working on project 6