Checking files in pc when used putty

we have entered some data in files and executed them by using putty software
where we can find those files in pc?

Putty is actually just a platform to access your console of Linux system. So any file that you will create that will be saved on cloud or service provider. For that you need to access that cloud online and check out there for your files.

how to check them in cloud


Log into the cloud using putty, and then run the command “ls” This command will list out all the files which are available at the starting folder of your cloud box. If you find the file you want, then run the command "nano " followed by the name of the file.

If you still face issue, run the command “history”. This command will list out the last 1000 commands that you had run on the cloud box. You will be able to scroll through them and find out where you stored the file, and then edit it using nano.