Checking the status of the device

I am getting this error while I am checking my device status.
Please help

@navneetbajpai1999 There may be two reasons for this kind of response, Firstly, the api_key and device_id may be incorrect. Secondly, you might have incorrectly configured your bolt device

It seems like you have not connected your bolt device to the internet as we can see in the reflection the green light is not lit that might be the reason of an “error connection occured”

@sombit.bose15 then please tell me how to configure it in the right way…

I don’t know why the green light is not there in the reflection.
It was connected to the Internet and the green light was glowing…
There may be another problem…

@navneetbajpai1999 check your WiFi connection. There may be some problem while configuring your device.

Download the Bolt IoT app and link the Bolt device using the app.
and follow the steps shown in this link: