Circuit connection for LEDs

As in the module it had been said that " As an assignment connect the LED to different pins and try to turn it ON/OFF" , so we have to change the end of LED to ‘3V3’ from GND or the end of resistor from ‘0’ to ‘A0’ or ‘TX’.

No, you cannot change the position of the negative terminal of the LED from GND to 3V3 or the other end of the resistor from ‘0’ to ‘A0’ or ‘TX’.What you have to do is change the other end of resistor from 0 to other GPIOs like ‘1’,‘2’,‘3’,‘4’…thats

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@nmj9609 The pin connected to the GND will remain the same. You only need to connect the other LED pin to a different pin like 0,1,2 etc. and then give the command to turn it on.

The negative of the led will be grounded and the positive will be changed to various GPIO like 0,1 etc.

I did the same but it doesn’t show any response on clicking the button

Hi @prgtia,

Please share your code and an image of Bolt to LED connection.

Thank you sir, but my problem is resolved now

GND pin can’t be changed and Positive pin will be connected to any digital pins say 0,1,2etc not to analog pin. LED is output device and analog pins are used to collect data but here u r sending data to led to either switch it off or on. Sensors which use to collect data should be connected to analog pins.