Circuit connections for led

why the circuit connections for led are made the way they have been given in the documentation please explain the reason as mentioned in plant monitoring project for voltage divider circuit?

The circuit connections are made as such so that the current flowing through the LED could be limited, so that the LED wouldn’t get damaged by high currents flowing through it.

This can also be understood by voltage divider circuit, by adding a resistor in series to the LED decreases the voltage across the led. Therefore reducing the current flowing through it. Hence, keeping the LED safe.

Hello @jain.reechika.Current flows from positive to negative(ground in Led case) terminal.So,led’s positive terminal is connected along with resistor (which limits flow of current to led ) to the 0 gpio that provides higher voltage than the ground (when 0 pin is high) and provides lower voltage when 0 pin is low.
So, based on the current flow led can blew on or off.