Closing the dropleet

How to close/power off the DO droplet?

You can turn OFF and ON the Droplet from the DigitalOcean panel.
You can see an option near the Droplet name to turn it ON and OFF.

When you would turn off the Droplet from the control panel, it first would try a shutdown. And, if that attempt fails, you would need a forced shutdown.

Also, there is a Power option in the menu list. You can power off the Droplet by clicking on the “ Turn off ” button.

Also I would like to add that you can poweroff it from the terminal by typing the command:

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Hi @sroshanahmad,

Just adding one point here. Even after switching off your droplet, Digital Ocean charges you for the droplet. If you are switching of your droplet because of digital ocean charges then you can destroy the droplet.