Cloud Configuration Error

When I try to Deploy the configuration of my Device i get a warning saying NO DEVICE CONFIGURATION EXISTS FOR THIS DEVICE TYPE
I linked my product to device for sure

What should I do Now?

Connect your bolt device with your bolt cloud.
there may be some connection problem So, you do it again and in the training course there’s option of troubleshoot you can check that one also.

Good Luck!

I have tried it like more than 20 times and still the problem prevails…
And about the troubleshoot thing you said …I clearly don’t get where or what it is

@srini Is it showing your device status online or not??

Yes it does show my device status as online

Hi @srini,

Have you done the steps given in the following link to setup the hardware configuration for your product?

Is so, could you reply back with a screenshot of your hardware configurations?
@rahul.singh1 will help you out if your hardware configurations are done and you still face this issue.

Now I have got another new problem…My device is not getting connected either to my mobile app nor my cloud…
Only the blue light blinks slowly and during the process of connection it flickers and again satrts blinking slowly…
I did go through other solutions for this problem yet nothing helped…
As far as what you said for the previous problem I followed all steps and I landed in this new problem as my device went offline all of a sudden…
NOW WHAT SHOULD I DO…If only I got a solution I would have sent you Screenshots…
As far as my problems are concerned I guess I need a replacement if possible…COZ NTNG HELPED…I am so frustrated…

Hi @srini,

Have you gone through the setup video in the following link?

I did go through all those…It was working fine until i enciuntered cloud sync error followed by the hardware error…@vinayak.joshi sir

Hi @srini,

If the blue light is blinking slowly, then the Bolt WiFi module is not able to connect to a wifi source for some reason.

When you try the setup, the blue light is supposed to start blinking fast while your phone tries to talk to the Bolt Wifi module.

Please try restarting the device, and also try setting up the device using some other smartphone.

Please reply here if this does not help in solving the issue.

This was not a problem until the config failed
Now cant recover from this yet
Both lights are constant

Hi @srini,

As I can see there is no Bolt device is linked to your account but the green led indicates that your Bolt device is connected to a wifi network.

Please change the wifi password/hotspot password and then follow the setup process again to link your device to your cloud account.

Also share your Bolt device id. The name of the Bolt’s hotspot is device id.

  1. You may not have written the code correctly or not even written the code, as the website is constantly updated you may not able to follow the video course completely.
  2. Check your connection on the module.