Cloud LED Error. Mid blinking

For the past two days, the Green LED is blinking and emitting only mid light. I replaced the power source, and then also it is showing the same error. How can I rectify this. It’s sure that it’s not related anything to power supply.

maybe your wifi connectivity speed is not strong, please check the speed of the internet on

Hi @adarshrajpkd ,
Please record a video of your Bolt module and upload it on google drive and share the link so I can see the status of the lights. It may be an issue with your internet connection.

please check the internet connection and make sure that your wifi connection is good.

Hi @adarshrajpkd Sometimes this particular issue persists because of poor connectivity or might might be range issue with you wifi or mobile hotspot. Make sure you are in the desired range and reboot the system as well.

Do check your internet connection, after troubleshooting it you’ll get cleared off