Cmd light glowing continuosly

greenish yellow light for my bolt device is blinking continuously. Bolt is not getting connected to my wifi as well as it is not even creating it’s own hotspot. This problem was started yesterday, device was working properly from last 10 days.


What caused this issue to occur? When exactly did it start behaving this way?

This problem started when I plugged it with usb for power.

Try using a android adapter. USB sometimes doesnt provide suficient power

I tried with android adapter also but problem is not yet solved.

@jayeshdharpure you said it was working properly before. Was it already connected to a WiFi network when it was working properly? Please make sure that the WiFi network is still available for the Bolt to connect to.

The issue could also be due to less power supplied by the cable or you might have accidently supplied extra power for the board causing it to short. What power supply are you using for powering up the board?

I used usb cable for powering the bolt. Please tell me the solution how to solve my problem. Is there any way to repair bolt if it is shorter. Otherwise suggest me some method so that I can make sure my bolt is shorted or it is having some software problem.

@jayeshdharpure can you shoot a short 1 minute video of the Bolt startup and upload it on Google drive and share it with us? Will be able to see the bootup behaviour of Bolt. If there is an issue we shall replace the Bolt unit.

Here is the video of bolt.
I have given power using USB as well as using mobile adapter.
Here is drive link

@datta.naik Please confirm and let me know if the Bolt is continuously getting reset in the video shared by @jayeshdharpure.

Yes. His firmware has been corrupted.

@jayeshdharpure Please send a mail to asking for replacement of the Bolt unit. Also share the date on which the Bolt was purchased. And share the link to this forum thread for reference.

I sent mail as instructed above but i did not received any reply till now. It would be better if my bolt unit replaced as soon as possible so that I can finish my project on time.

Hi @jayeshdharpure ,
There is bs.txt file is bolt SD card. Open that file using SD card reader and put the name of Wi-fi and password over there.

Let me know in case you need further assistance.