Code error in twilio sms sender when temperature cross threshold

while executing the codes i am facing error messege can you help me to get out of this

Change-> data=json.loads(response). Check the spelling of response there and try executing.


Do the change mentioned by @geethapriyavurrinkal

Also the error you see there, is becase of incorrect identation. Head to except Exception as e: line, to the start and press backspace till you reach a point where it is on the same vertical line as try: statement.

Then make sure, the print statements have proper identation as well.

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@satishkumarcse1995 You Have Indentation Errors in Your code at Try and Except Block please do correct them and check whether there are any Indentation errors with other statements as well So that Your Code works fine

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thank you. It works now no such error messege is there( while i have written respose in place of response)

As u have not written ur code in proper Indentation…