Code not working in temperature alert system using telgram

why am i getting this error?
The code is as below

Hey @yashil2004,
You have entered the Bot ID but forgot to append “bot” in front of it.
Your telegram_bot_id should be “botXXXXX” like this just insert bot before id and you code will work.

Hi @abhijadhav8308,
I tried doing this but the following error came once again.

Hi @yashil2004 Can you tell me what did you enter in the telegram chat ID and telegram bot ID in the configuration folder(

for the bot id i entered botXXXX (XXXX being the token of the bot)
for the chat id i entered @ZZZZ (ZZZZ being the name after in my channel)
So is the channel was temp_alert, the chat id was @temp_alert

@adhvayak @abhijadhav8308 thank you for your help. I found my mistake, it was a typo in my code…thanks again!!!

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