Coding part of the project

I have no idea about the html and java script program so how will i write the codes?

@biswaprasadmahapatra Two days back I was in same dilemma. But now after watching training videos in the course, I am enjoying it. The instructor has explained the concepts very nicely and you will understand it easily. Just give it a shot.

You don’t need to remember the codes all time.
first thing is understand the code properly. How it works and execute required action. working of mostly used codes are explained in the lecture videos.
second thing is just save the snippets of mostly used codes somewhere on your computer. and when you coding for new program just paste the required snippets with necessary modifications.

But for a project we have to write code for normal blinking of led and something like that so i don’t have any idea for the code.

@biswaprasadmahapatra for that you can use same led on/ off code but with loop and time delay function like time.sleep() function in python. you can search similar for javascript if you are coding in code tab of product configuration page of bolt.

@biswaprasadmahapatra As @sonalisingh634 has mentioned, you need to go through the course first. Everything is explained there and there is no need to memorize any of the codes.
You can copy paste and modify the existing codes to suit your needs.

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@biswaprasadmahapatra first be calm programming might not as much hard as you find. see the training video, get help from google and friends whenever its needed. only thing is that you should know what you exactly want and then you go for code. if you have no idea about code just give it a try after two-four days it may improve.