Coffee shop website

In the HTML training it was said a complete Coffee Shop Web Site will be developed
But it was half done.

Please reply ASA so i can move forward with the course.
@ rahul.singh1

Hi @abutalahabelvadi,

We have recently changed the text based content to video based content for html section and have only included the HTML content that can help in completing the IoT and ML training. We are planning to add more topics in the HTML section soon.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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coffee shop is just a folder name and you will be learning to write the html tags for creating web pages.

you need to learn how to write HTML tags for website pages

In the HTML Section it is only informing about the basics of HTML and it’s use in IOT.

Website development is much larger process. HTML and JAVASCRIPT play role in development of pages or I should say structure of website pages which you can store on server and later host on web through buying hosting space on servers and domain name(through which people can visit your site). I give you a tip if you want to develop a website learn about “word press” through which you will be able to make a good website within few days which you can add in your portfolio