College Project Guidance

We are trying to build a college project using BOLT module. The title of the project is " INDUSTRIAL IoT: WEB BASED DATA ACQUISITION AND CONTROL FOR INDUSTRIES".
Basically, we have decided to use 3/4 sensors with the BOLT Module.We want to achieve the following things:
1)Display the sensor’s data on our own website using our own cloud/BOLT cloud.
2)We also wish to control actuators like motors, valves etc.

Please write the steps for us to be followed, for the above aim.

NOTE: We have completed one month training on IoT training using BOLT.

In the training, it was well taught how to take input from sensors and display on the graph.
If you are having trouble reading digital data from multiple sensors at a time, you can use-

digitalMultiRead() function

For running actuators or motors, you can use digitalWrite() function and give this command to L293D(Motor driver IC) which is further connected to the motors.