Command Timed Out Error

I have connected Arduino Uno to my BOLT Wifi module using RX and TX and am pushing a sensor value from the arduino to the BoLT every 10 seconds.

In my python script I am using BOLT Python Library to get the values. I have initialized the serial communication using mybolt.serialBegin(‘9600’) and then I am trying to read the values using SerialRead method.

But I am getting the error “Command Timed out” for every iteration. I have update the firmware, checked my internet and have made sure that the BOLT is connected to the cloud but the problem still persists.

But when I opened the url: on my browser, I am getting the required values. So, i tried to getting the values using requests.get() in my python code but again ,in python, I am getting the same error as before.

Kindly Help

Hi @a1swami1
Can you show the code if the error is still there ?