Commend Write then Read API is not working

When i’m trying the write then read API, it is showing “Commend Timed out” can someone help me with this.

Sample Write then Read api key from boltiot Doc.

Thank you.

@gowthamkrishnateja First login and then generate the new API key for your device ,then try it again with new API key . If this solution works then let me know . Thank You

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Hi,you just first go to your bolt cloud dashboard,go to API section,make sure that your API key is enabled,click on the eye button to show your API key,click on the copy button to copy it in your clipboard,and paste it.If all these doesn’t work,then better go for creating new API key.I hope this will help you.Thank you

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@adityakharwar28, @revathyanu02 Thank you both of you, it is working fine.