Complaint about the course

I just watched the last 4 videos of the JavaScript module, and I would say that the videos could have been way better.

The 2 videos on JavaScript events and 2 videos on Ajax are not well taught. Not explained enough and I am having hard time understanding the topic and following it through.

Also there is no separate module on CSS and there is Project 1 and 3 but there is no Project 2 anywhere!

I hope @Bolt_iot team looks into this matter and makes better content for those 4 videos in particular.



We have noted your feedback. We shall get back to you regarding this.

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Yes @sahelikantha, I totally agree with you. I think @bolt_iot hasn’t looked into this matter since then and enough explainations are not provided in the last four video’s of javascript module.

I would request the @bolt_iot team or any other person who has grasped the knowledge of these topics i.e. javascript events and ajax in javascript ,to give a proper explaination in the forum page as per their convenience.