Components issue

Hello sir,
As this is a crucial time due to the lock down I could not do the project as there is insufficiency of components for a new project.As it is mentioned in the instructions for project and exam there is a point which describes not to do the same project shown or done in the training.
Is there any chance of taking the project of someones and changing the content in that project.Or is it mandatory to submit the project excluding all the things.
Could anyone plz help me out .

Hi @asubhasree2000,

You can do different projects with same component.
For example, suppose you have a led and Bolt.
So the first project that you can build is a bitcoin project where led will switch on and off based on the bitcoin price. This is one project.

Now you can build a another project where you can change the intensity of the led based on the status of Pizza Order

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.