Configuration is not getting saved

I am facing problem while updating the configuration of already developed code for Plant_Monitor.
I have updated my code and saved it, but after some time when I checked the code the updated code was not their (it was not saved) still. Below are the screen shot for more details.

(image after I want to see the updated code, but updated code is not present instead old code is present)

Hi @kghatol25,

Can you recored a video of the issue and share the link of the issue with us? It will help in solving your query. You can use chrome extension for recoding the session.

check that before clicking on exit you have save the configuration

Dear @rahul.singh1

Thanks for your immediate response. Please find the recorded video for the issue at below link.

Thank you !

Dear @mahadikvedant2017

I have saved the updated configurations still it is not getting saved.

Thank You.

try saving it in a different file name, instead of saving it in the same “light_monitor.js” give it a different file name.

Hi @kghatol25,

Please load the page without cache (ctrl + shift + R) and check if it showing your correct code.

Do let me know after trying the above steps.

Dear @rahul.singh1,

I have tried as per your suggestion without cache (ctrl + shift + R) still it is not getting saved.

Thank You.

Dear @rahul.singh1 @mahadikvedant2017,

What I observe that the code is getting saved but it take some to update on code editor. The time it is taking to update the code it’s too much, hence it observable.

I can see my yesterday’s modified code now in my product.

Today also I changed the code save it and when I checked after 10-15mins, so I can see the updated code.

So, what conclusion we can take from such a observations ?

Thank you.

Hi @kghatol25,

This is the caching issue and we will be fixing it tomorrow EOD. Thanks for reporting this issue.

Dear @rahul.singh1
I am still facing this issue.
I request to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Thank you

@ankit.kumar772211 I have asked @rahul.singh1 to look into the issue. He should get back to you by tomorrow.

Thank you sir.

I have faced the same issue.
Edited existing project code with google chart code, saved and exited from the code window.
Again if i see the code configuration, newly added code has not been saved. Then changed the file name from file1 to file 2. Then saved and exited from the code. After this step, newly added code has been saved.
But issue needs to be fixed.