Confused! Is it possible to upload the code without a WiFi router to Bolt?


Does the Bolt work only after connecting to the wifi router? or can you upload the program (for eg. the first program which is for turning on the LED light by clicking the button. Is it possible without the wifi router?


No. You will need a WiFi router with internet connectivity to upload any code to Bolt. Welcome to the world of ‘INTERNET of things’ :grinning:


Can we do it by changing the IP address?


@vernonmillar Sorry. I did not understand your query. Please explain in detail.

Note that you may not be able to change the IP address of Bolt. Also, you will need to connect to WiFi router and internet to upload the code to Bolt. Being an IoT Platform, internet connectivity is a must.


This code is not working on my iOS device. I am facing lots of issue on my iOS device. I have visited page but didn’t get any suitable idea for iPhone X.


Are you referring to the Bolt iOS mobile app? The iOS app currently only supports setup.


No. The code is uploaded to the bolt device via cloud. And to do so we require a WiFi router(Internet).


No not only WiFi Router you may have use Mobile Hotspot also. But one thing is that you should have two smart phones with internet connection enabled in both. The first mobile have the Bolt Iot app install in it and after the installation and add device set up you need to turn on the WiFi Hotspot of the second mobile phone and then the bolt module will be turn on constantly. Now that’s it you are online.
Now You need to login to your bolt cloud account and there after clicking product and configure option you need to select the code section where you can write the code. Hope this will be helpful to you.


WIFI router is not necessary ,your can use mobile hotspot
but internet connectivity is must to upload code and also to sync with BOLT cloud.


I think BOLT and your device(laptop) need to be in the same network.
That can either include both of them being connected to a third device(mobile hotspot/router) or your device(laptop) being connected to BOLT’s WiFi hotspot.


If the configuration looks like How to Setup Netgear EX6100 that definitely recovered by them only to set up the process in a significant manner. If anyone has a proper solution please let me know that will be useful for me.