Confused on project topic

Can anyone please suggest me a good and simple project to complete my Bolt Iot training course. the thing is the project I thought about is already performed by other candidates secondly, the bolt Iot Module/training kit is really not much functional as it does not support a) more than 1 analog input b) doesn’t support other communication protocols such as I2C so I am really out of ideas about project topics.

Hi @anishpatil099. As stated on the instructions for projects in the course, “You can choose to create a project which has already been created by someone else, but please DO NOT plagiarize the content”. You just have to explain the concept and the content in your own way. And they have also stated that you can use any other board along with the Bolt IoT module for your project. You can also visit to get some project ideas. I think that solves your problem. :slight_smile:

hi , can i do the project as ml controlled temperature prediction as my project.

swaroopsiby yes you can do. But remember two points:

  1. You should use Bolt wifi module in the project you want to do.
  2. You should write the content on your own.
    Which is also mentioned in training course which is shown below: