Confusion in Choosing Best Python Framework

Hi this is Palak Sharma

I am an engineering student. I like doing coding in various programming languages. Python is one of my favorite programming languages. I am planning to develop web application therefore I need to choose the best Python Framework so that it can be easy for me in view of coding and other features. I searched the same topic over Google and other online platform but I have seen lots of article over internet for the same concern and still it was confusable for me. I have also seen this post over internet where author listed 10 best Python Framework for coding and web development. My confusion is there that can I select any one framework from here or if you people have some other resources then please give your suggestions on this.

Looking forward for your kind support on this, would be a great support in this regards.


@plksharma481 Do check out our web development training. The framework you choose really depends on what you are building, but as a beginner you can choose whichever one you are comfortable with.

I would like to suggest you one, just for an option you can go through it if you like, I think Django can be a best choice as it is an open-source framework and it is a popular high-level web framework in python which supports rapid web development and design and it also helps developers avoid various common security mistakes .I think it is helpful and useful to you.

See all Programmers have different requirements, the main thing is the coding platform which suits the vibe of the programmer you can have different needs.
Two cases is:

First Case

if you only program in python the best for you is (PyCharm Community version or Student Version) if you are a student.

Second Case

If you are a programmer who codes in multiple languages like (Python ,Java ,Web Development, c, c++ and others) you can use Visual Studio Code in any platform, apart from that you can also use Visual Studio Code for python i personally use Visual studio code for python.

Lastly it depends on your Coding Vibe my Vibe matched with Visual Studio Code so I am using it .

You should JYPTER Notebook. It is good app to development,so you can go through it

There are several popular Python web frameworks to choose from, each with their own strengths and use cases. It can be confusing to choose one, i suggest Django: A high-level framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.