Confusion related to kit

I get the kit but I don’t know how to use and also how to fix the parts can any plz tell me

You can go to and under its documentation section you can get detailed tutorials to start using the kit. Also you can get some help from videos within the training as well.

Hi the kit is a starter set with essentials. There are tutorials on the website for beginners.
The parts in the kit are:

  1. BREADBOARD: This is where the components are connected by inserting their leads or terminals into the holes and then making connections through wires
  2. BOLT MODULE: It helps you connect your sensors and connections to the internet or cloud.
  3. JUMPER WIRES: The kit has male to male and female to male jumpers. These are useful for connecting components to the breadboard.
  4. BUZZER: This is an output device. You can program it to go off on some condition; for eg. beep when the room temperature is 35 C.
  5. LED: This is also an output device like the buzzer. There are really cool things you can do with this as a beginner. The dimming led project is really fun.
  6. RESISTORS: The kit has 3 resistors. Resistors are used to restrict current flow. They are important because they prevent the sensors and output devices from burning due to too much current.
  7. LDR SENSOR: Light Dependent Resistor or a photo resistor is used as a sensor. (Its resistance depends on the incident light so it can tell how much light is falling on it.
  8. TRANSISTOR: A transistor is used to amplify or switch electronic signals. It has 3 legs.

Also the bolt cloud is how your hardware and software are connected. Traditionally the hardware is plugged in using a usb port. Anyway the goal is to tell your hardware that these instructions here are for you.

Hope this helps!!