Connect Bolt device to AWS IOT


Is there any way to connect the Bolt device to AWS IOT?

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Firstly download bolt iot mibile app on phone. Then create profile after that click to add device enter your device a name and password and click add. Visit on login into device it show your device is connected and bolt wifi module is connected to cloud data.

Thanks for the reply. But this connects to bolt cloud. What If I want the device to liaison with AWS cloud?

Hi @iotquest2020,

You can not connect the Bolt device to AWS IoT. But why do you want to connect your Bolt device to AWS IoT?

Thanks for your message, Rahul.

I understand that bolt cloud gives me a lot of capabilities to get the data processed which the device receives. I wanted to check if I can use AWS features while using bolt as just a device .

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Hi @iotquest2020,

Currently, it is not possible. I will let you know in case we plan these type of feature.

Thanks Rahul. Appreciate your response…