Connect both input and Output devices

I want to connect LED’s and also LM35 sensor at the same time. What should i do to this project ?, because while adding a new product i was supposed to choose only one option i.e either output devices or input devices

go for output devices because you will come to know through led if the circuit is working or not

then what about LM35 sensor ?

LM 35 is also a output device brother :slight_smile:

Through cloud we can have access to connect either input devices or output devices. But i found some other solution for connecting the both I/O devices at the same time and I had only tried once because i ran out of 20 API hits in less than one minute.

Instead Of using BOLT CLOUD platform
write a code for it on python (or any language you are comfortable in) using API
you can even buy the Pro API access if you want
It will allow you to get more data in less time if you project requires it
In this way you will be able to do a lot more stuff with the BOLT Iot Module
you can even get a Ubuntu server from Digital Ocean or AWS
they provide a free credit server for new users use it for research purpose and when you want to make a product out of it buy a server with higher specs .

use a time break between API requests or buy the pro plan for HIGHER API LIMIT
here is the link: