Connect to different hotspot

Hello, i have successfully connected my bolt iot device to hotspot…but now i want to switch to a different hotspot. What should i do?

Hi @abhijitkumar1417,

You can follow below steps to reconnect the device to some different wifi source.

1] Turn off the wifi source that your device is currently connected to.
2] Power ON the Bolt device. The Blue LED on the device should start blinking slowly. Which means the device can now be re-configured.
3] Follow the same process as you did for the first time to configure the device. ie. Open the Bolt IoT app on your mobile, click on “Add device” button and follow the instructions.
4] During the setup process select the new wifi source that you want the device to connect.
5] Once the setup is complete, both the BLUE and GREEN LEDs will be stable.
6] You can now turn ON your older wifi source if required.