Connecting bolt IoT module to WiFi

Can I use different WiFi for Bolt Iot module, that is different from the WiFi which I used it for the first time.

No, u have to use the same WiFi or different wifi with same name and password.

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Yes, you can disconnect your currently connected wifi directly from the Cloud Dashboard itself.

Visit > Click on the 3 dots in the dashboard > Select Device Info > Click on ‘Disconnect’ beside Connected WiFi network.

(Bolt Module must be connected, and after the disconnection BLue light should blink slowly)
Next, use the Bolt IoT app to further connect the module to any new WiFi network.

There is a quick way around as well, let me know if you need information on that as well.

@Rahul yes you can use different WIFI for Bolt IOT module, you just need to re configure the device through the mobile app like you have done initially just follow the same procedure. You can change the WIFI connection as many times you want and once done each time onwards the bolt module will connect to the WIFI you configured automatically when turned ON.