Connecting bolt to another wifi

How can i connect my bolt to any other wifi than the previous one???

First delete the product from the bolt cloud . Then in the app choose add device option , in the app you will find both options to connect the bolt module, to any wifi available or to the hotspot of the mobile itself.

Hi @lath2411,
No need to delete the product(I mean can be connect with other hotspot without deleting the product) just you have to do one thing make sure that your previous hotspot is off(from which you recently connected the bolt iot device) so that device showing slowly blink blue light then you can click on add product and follow all previous steps.
thank you

Hi @lath2411 You can follow the following steps to connect your Bolt Wifi Module to another Wifi.

Step 1: Go to Your Bolt Cloud and select "Share this Device Icon " as the Image shows below.

Step 2: After selecting the button click on the “Cross Button” (next to the Owner). Your Bolt Wifi Module Will be Unregistered with your E-mail Id and it will automatically disconnect from your Previous Wifi.

"Now Repeat the registeration process via Bolt App (as we first done to register the device for the 1st time ) to register your Bolt Wifi Module to your E-Mail ID and now you can select the another wifi to connect and configure your device.

Note: "This is one of the alternative method to connect your Bolt Wifi Module to another Wifi" After Completing these steps Your Bolt Wifi Module will work normally using another Wifi and also you can verify that in your Cloud(ie. Your Device will be again registered with your Cloud)
Hope this solve your problem.

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clear the previous device and connect to new device via app:grinning::smiley:

you have to use wifi with your phone internet otherwise you can use two smart phone one is for boltiot app and 2nd one is for cloud . we have provide certain range of bandwidth around 4.5 Ghz.