Connecting Bolt to College University WiFi Network?

If you have connected your Bolt to your University/Collge wifi network and blue Led is stable but the Green led is not on.
Then these could be the reason for this issue.

  1. Your university has the firewall that is stopping the connection from your Bolt to Bolt Cloud.
  2. University has two layers wifi security where MAC address is linked to internet access.
  3. Your university has Open internet connection.

Solving the issue

1- You need to disconnect your Bolt from your university network and connect it to your phone’s hotspot. You need to come out from the wifi network coverage area and your Bolt will be disconnected from your university wifi network and I assume you don’t have other wifi network but you can create the hotspot from your phone. In that case, this FAQ can help in solving the query.

Q. I don’t have Wi-Fi network but I have hotspot feature on my mobile phone? How can I connect Bolt to my phone’s hotspot?

When you are setting up your Bolt for the first time, You need Bolt IoT app and wifi network. In case you don’t have the wifi connection at your home then you need two smartphones for setting up your Bolt. In the first phone install the Bolt IoT app and create a hotspot from the second phone. Now open Bolt IoT app in the first phone and log in with your login credentials and click on Add Device button and follow the onscreen instructions and in the last screen, it will ask to connect your bolt to second phone’s hotspot and your Bolt will be restarted and will connect to your second phone’s hotspot.

2- If your university wifi network is spread over a long area, and you can not leave the university area. Then install Advance IP Scanner software ( ) on your laptop and find the IP address of Bolt. You can find the Bolt IP by the Hostname. The Hostname for Bolt is Espressif.
Now create a hotspot from your phone network.
and type the following URL after replacing it with your details.


For example

Now your Bolt will be restarted and will connect to your phone’s hotspot. This will indicate that everything is done properly

Blue Led is stable - means Bolt is connected to your phone’s hotspot
Green Led is stable - means Bolt is getting the internet access from your phone’s hotspot.

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The Wifi is not working properly on my device. I am using iPhone X and it is showing iTunes error 9 after updating the firmware.

You should consider that using public networks for your bolt is not recommended. This is because it might be a LAN connection and most colleges sadly have very slow connection speed, it mostly times out. I would recommend you to use another android phone or just disconnect your bolt device from the university network and connect it using your phone’s network.

I also facing the same problem when I connect bolt to my school wifi it showed an error epson printer error code 0xe5, I really suffer a lot due to this, so if anyone has any idea how to remove this problem please share with me.

@sofiajenny Where exactly is the epson printer showing up? Can you send a screenshot of it?

There is a simple way of connecting to university WiFi through which my bolt device is connected:

step 1: connect your pc to university wifi and on your laptop’s mobile hotspot( Settings->Network and Internet-> Mobile Hotspot->Edit (You can see Network password) and edit the network band to 2.4 GHz) This will make your laptop hotspot connection through college wifi.

Step 2: Go to your bolt mobile app and connect your bolt hardware with the mobile app.

Step 3: when your app for your password enter the password from the laptop and connect it.

Let me know if you face any difficulty.

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