Connecting bolt to mobile hotspot

can u tell me how to connect bolt to mobile hotspot

Open the chrome web browser
in the browser type the address and press enter.
You will see Welcome.

Click the Configure button present on the welcome page and you will be guided to the BOLT settings page as shown below.

Now type the Wi-Fi name and password of the network you want to connect it to and then click on “save and restart”
Please ensure that the Wi-Fi name and password are entered correctly as they are case-sensitive.
Now your BOLT will restart and try to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
If BOLT is connected to the network then its blue led stops blinking and becomes stable.
If the blue LED continues to blink for more than a minute then either the Wi-Fi network it is trying to connect to is not in range or the Wi-Fi Settings have been entered incorrectly and you will have to repeat the above steps and enter the correct settings.

my bolt hospot network is not showing sometimes .and it show only for 4 or 5 minute after that it run away.
thats why it is not connected .

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