Connecting bolt to SMS or Email

Hi I wanted to ask how can I connect my Bolt Wifi Module to sms or email for sending alerts

You have to use Twilio for sms and mailgun for email and there is code for you in boltiot can get alert message.

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Go to or
Create free accounts
Setup the API keys as mentioned in the course
import the config file in your main program
run the program

@aravindaravind400 where is the code in training

you have to see training course for another time.

@aravindaravind400 @amulyagupta97 Thank You so much!

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@mohdsaud2010, is it working now ? did you use digital ocean Linux console or putty terminal for writing linux command ?

@himanshumanghani95 I had done dual boot in my Laptop so I am using Linux console for running Linux commands

@mohdsaud2010, thank you for the reply ! I also look forward to dual boot my system, can you help me with the process . Please note I do not have extra OS (linux) installed in my external Hard Disk. We need to take help of Internet. Can we do that ?

@himanshumanghani95 For doing dual boot you should first make a recovery of windows and then format your PC and partition your hard disk… You will get any flavour of Linux online as it is open source, I have Ubuntu but their are many flavours available like Mint, Florida etc. And yes of course you will be needing Internet support.

You have to use :
Twilo for sending sms
Mailgun for sending emails
You’ll have to create new accounts in both the websites and use the api from these websites in your code.
You can send limited messages from twilo to whoever you want from a free account. (Exception : The number should not have DND activated).
As for Mailgun if you have a free account you can only send emails to yourself i.e. the email account you have registered in Mailgun

You can create accounts on Twilio for sms alert and in mailgun for alerts through mail. You can have free trail on Twilio account for first trail.