Connecting/Configuring Bolt device without wifi

Is there any way to use this entire kit without a wifi connection as I don’t have one! All I have is mobile internet which wouldn’t serve the purpose I guess. Any means to keep going with the kit without a wifi connection?

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All your assignments needs to be linked with the cloud which requires internet connection in any way. You cannot carryout any of the assignment as there are attributes for which internet connection is mandatory. Although you can use your mobile hotspot for the module but you need to have ubuntu server on your windows/mac OS or ubuntu OS as it required as you proceed in the course where only the WiFi service might help you.


Thanks a lot for the reply. Will see to it.

If you have multiple phones use mobile hotspot and another phone. The other phone can run the app and both the phone and the Bolt can be connected to hotspot.

Is it mandatory to use Wi-Fi network only. Is it not possible to use the mobile data network only ? If so, how ? Please explain in details