Connecting device issue

First time, while I am connecting bolt hotspot I was able to see bolt hotspot in my mobile by then I connected my Wi-Fi and tried to connect the device but it doesn’t take me to next page and whenever I plug in both the lights are in stable on condition but I can’t see bolt hotspot since I can’t connect my device .
even I tried repeating from first and reinstalling the app and all but it is not working. The main problem is bolt hotspot is not visible in my mobile whenever I am turning the wi-fi on.
here is the image,![IMG_20210301_103227|375x500(upload://4G3Iorefk4doe3Na76gjLC1ERC2.jpeg)

This is because it automatically gets connected to the wifi you used before. There is no need to connect it to your hotspot as it automatically gets connected to your wifi.
If you still want it to connect to your phone then, block its wifi connection either by turning off the wifi or by blocking its wifi internet access.

hi! yes I can understand that but we have to connect the device to bolt app know but bolt hotspot is not visible then how come I connect the device to bolt app and link my device ?
here is the image which make you understand,

Hi @shireen.farhana298

Did you configure the device at least once to any of your emails via the mobile app?

no, I never configured through emails
I don’t know that way

We will replace the device as it seems faulty. A person from our operations team will call you regarding the same within the next 2 days.

Thank you for your support sir. I have successfully completed my first light monitoring project thank you sir