Connecting multiple sensors to the bolt device


Is there a way, I can connect two sensors to the bolt IoT device. The kit came with a light and temperature sensor. How do I connect them both to the bolt IoT device?

After you have configured your product/code to the device you can make use of the connecting wires and breadboard to make connect multiple components with the module. (Series or parallel). However, make sure you use the correct pins from the wifi module. Using the connecting wire is an advantage as often the components may touch each other and cause short-circuit.
Double check the connections. Confusing series and parallel connections on a breadboard is a common mistake.

Thanks for the response. But there is only one Analog Pin A0. How will I connect the other sensor to read analog data?

hii sudeeari7 if you want to connect multiple devices with the A0 or any other pin insert male to female wire in that pin and attach them in breadboard and as u can see there are many lines in breadboard so just make sure u dont connect both the terminals on same lines as it can short circuit them.after doing so connect the devices on same line on which u have connected the A0 and you are good to go.

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Bolt module has one analog pin ie A0 and five digital pins 0 to 4. Hence you can connect only one analog sensor directly to the module and five digital sensors.

However, you can use other boards like Audrino to send multiple sensor data via Tx/Rx pins.

Could you send any link about the connection?