COnnecting swnsor or the relay to the bolt without wire , and instead on the wifi or cloud

How can I transfer data from the sensor to the bolt without wire? For eg , i have a light sensor placed in my terrace. What i want is that if the light outside is below the set value, a bulb in my rook starts to glow and vice-versa. Now, the problem is that I can’t connect my relay which is in my room to the sensor which is in the terrace vias wire as it would be too long. How can I make this project possible?Either i would bneed a way in which i can place the bolt in my room and the sensor sends the readings over cloud or wifi. And the second option is that the bolt is with the sensor in the terrace but then again the sae problem of connecting the realy. PLease help me out.

For that any how you have to connect long wire. There is no other option to take data from cloud over sensor without connecting it with the bolt device.