Connecting to bolt cloud

I gave power supply to my bolt module via cable through laptop.i downloaded bolt app from playstore and followed the steps ,then bolt module started it’s hotspot.but to connect that hotspot to my mobile it is asking wifi can i know the password??? I’m a new learner and setting it for the first time.

It should not ask for any password.
Can you please share a screenshot of the screen where it’s asking for the password or tell me which step was the last step as per the training lecture of connecting to bolt module you are stuck?

hello @tallurideepu825
Please follow the steps:

  1. Download Bolt app from AppStore and install it in your phone.
  2. Sign-in using the same id with which you have enrolled for the course.
  3. Follow the instructions carefully displayed by the app.
    you will be able to connect to your bolt module without need of any password.

If, still unable to connect, open your phone wifi and select the Bolt hotspot and in options menu, click on forget network. (if you have tried to enter any password earlier)

Now, follow the steps 1 to 3 (after restarting the Bolt module and App)
Bolt app will automatically connect your bolt module without any password. (It may need few Retry in some case)

1 Like worked.I clicked forget password and tried again.My bolt module has successfully connected to bolt cloud