Connecting to wifi

My bolt device is connected to wifi and green light is on but after some time the green light turns off and the blue light starts blinking. Then it is connected and the green light comes and again it gets disconnected and it keeps happening again and again.

Please check the number of devices connected to your hotspot. If the number of connected is exceeding the threshold value then new devices can’t connect to the hotspot. I think this can be a problem.

I have wireless router and up-to 250 devices can be connected and that many devices are not connected as it is my personal router.

Then i think it’s a problem related to software part .

how to fix it the software problem?

Actually I also faced this problem at the begining of making connection. But connecting Bolt device to wifi is not an complex. Just simply make your device’s wifi frequency band to be 2.4 Ghz only. That means you have to change that in your mobile’s wifi setting. It would be clear to connect your Bolt Device to your wifi.
Thank You!

@chakrabarttyaditya It may be that the router is kicking the Bolt device out of the network as the device capacity is reached? Can you share the router that you are using currently and the maximum number of devices connected to it at the same time?

Hi Aditya,
When the green light is off it means the bolt device is not connected to the cloud, please check your router or hotspot where you are trying to connect your bolt device…