Connecting wifi module

Why the bolt wifi module generates it’s own hotspot althogh it itself gets connected to another wifi network??

Initially it does not know the password of ANOTHER WiFi network !! :slight_smile:
So it connects to our phone and through our phone acquires the password of our WiFi

because only after generating its own HOTSPOT it is able to connect another WiFi , whose details(password and name) you have entered while connecting the bolt WiFi module to the bolt cloud. i.e you connect your bolt to its own HOTSPOT first through the app and then you enter the details of the WiFi you want to get connected to(simply, providing it the password of the WiFi)

Sir, It is a very tricky kind of thing,Initially we don’t know the WIFI password of our BOLT module therefore intentionally we are connecting it to another hotspot thereby acquiring the password.

Usually routers provide a site to connect and then configure things, why similar approach was not taken here… It is kind of tricky to provide first a hotspot to connect and through a mediator app get another WIFI’s info more like hacking.

I hope hotspot opened gets closed automatically for ever does it? else people around may misuse it (how secured is this hotspot?).

I am going to try to connect to it from my another phone but it doesn’t allow, is there any specific reason for that?

when i connect the bolt device to power supply,both the blue and green led’s light up.
also if you werw using your mobile hotspotas your internet connection for your laptop then you’ll either need another mobile hotspot so as to connect to your laptop and the mobile to the internet.i hope this helps somehow.