Connection issue

i am unable to connect wifi module to cloud as shown in video lecture . can someone help me?

Hi, I will suggest you to check your hotspot configuration specially bandwidth. It should be 2.4GHz and also check network connectivity.
If still you are facing problem try to send photo.
Also check your power cable.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, this is not a big issue. I too had to struggle a lot initially connecting the wifi module. Just keep following the procedure again and again because there might be some wifi connectivity issue. So, don’t worry. You just need to attain this connection once and later on it won’t take even seconds to get connected. As suggested by Akhil Sir, check the power cable also separately.

please refer the video module carefully. make sure you:

  1. connect your wifi module using a 5V usb cable.
  2. turn off your mobile data and turn on location.
  3. connect your mobile to a wifi network of 2.4Ghz (this is where i previously faced an issue with; later i was able to connect to the cloud properly)
  4. to register correctly in the bolt app.


Are you still facing the issues?