Connection Lost [RESOLVED]

*** UPDATE - I repeated the setup process and was able to establish a connection. ***

Urgent help kindly requested - this is not a school project, but I am presenting a new product ideal to senior management at work.
I connected the Bolt IOT module, created projects, and even created an app on Bubble. All was working well, until I disconnected power to solder my breadboard design. The rest of the circuit is working normally, but the Bolt IOT module no longer connects to WiFi.

I now have the Bolt IOT module connected only to a power supply (5V, 2A). The blue light blinks slowly, but does not connect. WiFi signal is very strong and no other devices are connected to the module. Please let me know if there are recommended steps to reset or fix this condition.
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That is what the normal power input taken by Bolt to connect. Also, if your blue light blinks slowly, it means that the wifi is not connected. For this, I would reccomend you to connect the bolt to your mobile app again. So delete your bolt app and then install it again on your phone. THen , repeat the setup process in which the bolt is linked to your wifi. Don’t worry , none of your projeccts will be deleted from the cloud. Just refer to this video for the setup process. I hope this helps.

The 5V part is normal, but all Bolt documentation references using a 1A supply.

There is no problem running Bolt and additional circuitry (LCD, another microcontroller) on the 1A setting. Once I need to power a relay and solenoid, it only reliably operates on the 2A setting.

I have found that every time that I remove and re-apply power, there is a risk that it will not connect. If it blinks more than 10 times, I just go ahead and reconnect. No need to delete the app. Just click “Add Device”. The same applies when I take the module back-and-forth to work, and need to connect to a different WiFi network.