Connection of an a ldr with resistor

does we can make a connection in sequence like 3.3v-R1-A0-LDR-GND does it still work after making connection like wise

To make a LDR circuit, you need to insert one end of LDR to Bolt module’s 3v3 pin and the other end to A0 pin.Insert one end of 10k ohm resistor to GND pin and the other one to A0 pin

The circuit will be something like this

No, it doesn’t work. Because the 3.3V must first pass through the LDR then to the A0 pin (where we read the value), later we ground the circuit with a 10k ohm resistor, only then we can get the desired result.

I appreciate for your idea. Here’s the reason why it doesn’t work…

If connected as you said: 3.3V goes through the 10k ohm resistor to A0 pin (where we read the data), later grounded using the LDR. Now, it reads the constant data eg. 1.02 thousand (high voltage). Yes, It works well, but doesn’t provide the desired result.

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